Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY Driftwood Hose Holder

For years my hose has been a nuisance and an eyesore in my backyard.  It has laid around in numerous spots, mostly in the way of someone or something, so I finally decided to do something about it.  I made myself a hose holder out a found piece of driftwood.  It was easy, cheap and I think it turned out pretty darned good.

When I spotted the piece down at the river I new automatically what I was going to do with it.  It had the perfect shape for my purpose and better yet it was FREE!
All I had to buy was a bag of quick setting cement which cost less than 5 dollars at my local Menards.
Here is how I "created" my driftwood hose holder:
1.  Seal the bottom (or the entire piece) of driftwood.  I use Thompson's Waterseal because I have a 5 gallon can on hand from doing my deck a couple years ago.
2.  Dig a hole.  The depth should be 1/3 of the height of the "pole".
3.  Mix up your concrete.
4.  Add some to the hole ( a couple of inches).
5.  Add post.  Have someone hold it upright and straight while you fill in around it.
6.  Place bricks around the base so it doesn't move.  It is quick setting so it only took about a half hour to set up.

7.  I let it set for a week before I added my hose to it-I have a lot of hose and was worried about the weight.

8.  Add hose and enjoy!  Here it is all set up.
Now my hose is organized and out of the way-no more tripping on it or dragging it off of my deck to use it.  Plus, I think it looks way better than it did:-))

Until next time-Happy Planting!



  1. I love it. I too have a problem with hoses just lying around getting in the way. I will keep my eyes open now for some great wood.

    1. Thanks! I was just glad to finally get it out of the way!