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Hi!  I am Rhonda Brady the creator of Sprouts and Stuff.  To put me in a nutshell I am a nature lover, lazy composter, vegetarian, green gardener, blogger, veteran, libertarian and wanna be artist with a husband, kids, grandson, and a granddaughter on the way.  Oh-and I garden in Iowa zone5.  Now that's the condensed version of me. The long version-well that would take up way too much valuable space and time. 

My mission here at Sprouts and Stuff is to offer gardeners and others honest gardening advice with a DIY or craft project thrown in every once in a while.  I believe great gardening advice is what inspires others to garden and great gardening advice comes from experience.  If I write about it you can bet I have grown it, tried to grow it, used it or, in the case of projects-created it.

As you look around my blog you will notice I have an affinity for seeds-I find propagating from seeds to be the most rewarding part of gardening.  I collect and save my own seeds and have so for years.  It is a very economical way to multiply your plants or you can trade them for new seeds to try in your garden.  I do order seed from some wonderful seed suppliers-this is how I expand my collection of natives and other plants that are not so easy to locate from seed. Don't worry-not everything in my garden is from seed.  I too, find myself making impulse purchases every time I go to my favorite nurseries or every time I shop online at certain retailers.  When this happens I usually have to either make room or expand a flower bed.

Another goal of Sprouts and Stuff is to refute commercialism that seems to run rampant in the gardening scene.  New, improved, better than ever and "must have" are their favorite key words.  I find keeping it simple and basic is the key.  Don't over complicate gardening-it will take the fun out of it.   I have survived as a gardener for years without most of these trends that appear and I am sure I will continue to survive without all of them and you will too.

I hope I can inspire you to create your own little piece of paradise whether it be a balcony in New York, a farm in Minnesota, or like me, a small lot in a town or city.  I will help you save money, dispel myths, and help you eliminate issues that hold you back from creating a yard and garden you love.

Happy Planting!

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