Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Wreath Ornament Made from a Plastic Lid

Christmas wreath ornament made from a plastic lid
Wow!  Two posts in two days-I am on a creative roll this week:-))  Here is another plastic lid upcycle for you that involves using the plastic lid as a wreath frame.  This one is super easy just like my snowman ornament.  If you missed that post you can check it out here:
If you are ready then let's get our supplies and get started!

What you need for this project:

1.  A plastic lid

2.  Scissors or a cutting tool like an XACTO knife

3.  Ribbon, yarn or twine-I used 18 feet total for the two wreaths I made.

4.  Hot glue gun or fast setting glue

5.  Bows and/or beads for embellishment

1.  Using the scissors or cutting tool remove the center of the plastic lid leaving an edge.  The lids I used (Daisy sour cream) had an edge I followed:
2.  Remove the middle of the lid and set aside-it could be another project at a later date:-))

3.  Prepare your ribbon/yarn-if the roll doesn't fit through the hole remove it from the spool.
4.  Take the end of the ribbon and attach it to the "inside" of the lid with a dab of glue and hold until it is set:

5.  After the glue has set begin wrapping the ribbon/yarn around the lid:

6.  Continue wrapping the ribbon around the lid until you have completely covered it:

7.  When it is completely covered cut off the excess ribbon and then glue the end down on the back of the wreath:

8.  Add a ribbon:

9.  Add some beads or other decoration if you would like:

Here are mine-all ready to hang on the tree:
Christmas wreath ornaments made from plastic lids

 Hanging on the tree:
Christmas wreath ornament made from a plastic lid

Christmas wreath ornament made from a plastic lid
That's it!  I told you it would be easy!  Give this easy project a try-it will be cute hanging on your tree or you could even give it as a last minute gift.  Everyone loves a handmade gift:-)) 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

Happy Gardening!  Rhonda

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