Monday, October 13, 2014

Easy Twine Fall Pumpkins

I set out this week to find a way to create some Fall pumpkin decorations after seeing all of the great ideas on Hometalk and Pinterest.  I especially liked the look of the canning lid pumpkin but the price for them is a little steep-I like FREE.  So I looked around the house and found a couple of things that I could use but I especially liked the thought of using my roll of garden twine I have had forever (literally).  So I experimented with a couple of ways and finally got the look I wanted and it was so easy you won't believe it!  I didn't have to use glue or wire-it is all twine except for the stem.  Here is one of the final pumpkins:
Twine pumpkin

For this super easy project you will need:
1.  Some stiff twine
2.  A pair of scissors
3.  A cinnamon stick
4.  A piece of tape
5.  A cylinder or tube of some sort (at least 12-15 inches long) to wrap the twine around (I used an old piece of PVC I had for another project but you can use whatever you have)
Supplies needed to make twine pumpkin
1.  After you have collected your supplies start by taping the end of the twine to the cylinder-if it is short just tape it at the end if it is long tape it 12-15 inches from the end you will be slipping it off.
2.  Now start winding the twine around the cylinder:
3.  Wind it around until you get almost to the end:
4.  Cut the twine:
5.  Take the tape off of the cylinder at the other end and place it on the twine you wrapped:
6.  Now hold the end and start slipping the wrapped twine off of the cylinder-make sure to hold it like this:

7.  When you have the ring of twine off of the cylinder hold it firmly and take one end of the twine and run it through the middle:
8.  Run it through twice, hold it and then run the other loose end through on the opposite side twice
9.  Now you should be able to tie it up.  I knotted mine-do not do it too tightly otherwise it will make it difficult to fan out and also put the cinnamon stick in.
10. Fan out the pumpkin:
11. Add the cinnamon stick in the middle:
12. My twine was a bit "hairy" so I gave it a haircut:-))
13.  Here is a finished pumpkin:
Twine pumpkin
I made three of these pumpkins-the larger one was a larger cylinder I had (it was one of those tupperware containers you store pasta in).  Here they are sitting on my coffee table:
Easy twine pumpkins
Easy twine pumpkins
I think they turned out super cute and they look good in my living room.  The best part is they were free-I love free!  I hope you give this project or any of my other projects a try.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave it in the comments section.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Very cute! I also have a roll of that twine sitting around. Now to dig it out!