Monday, May 5, 2014

Kitty Litter Jug Equals Free Plant Tags

Herbs ready to sell, but only a few are tagged

The subject of this post today was based entirely on need-my need for a bunch of plant tags without spending any money.  I had no popsicle sticks or mini blinds available so I looked to my recycling bin and there it was-an empty cat litter jug. 

Here is what you need:
1.  Empty cat litter container.
2.  Pair of scissors.
3.  Sharpies or a pencil to mark cuts.
4.  A plant tag to use as a template (optional for talented people:-))

Here are the steps to make your plant tags:
1.  Remove the label.
2.  Remove the very top like this:
3.  Cut down the sides:
4.  Cut bottom off (where it is curved).
5.  Cut down all corners so that you have "sheets"-you want to save all available flat pieces to use.
6.  Use your template to mark the flat sheets with a sharpie or pencil (after I did this I wish I would have used pencil-Sharpies and I do not get along).
A tag I had that I used as a template.
Begin marking lines for cutting.
One of the sheets completely marked.

7.  Begin cutting the tags out-make sure to use sharp scissors (try to stay on the lines:-))
8.  Here are all the tags I cut out-there were 42 tags from 1 jug.  I also used alcohol to get the sharpie off of some of them because I am messy,  next time I will use a pencil to mark the outlines.  The pile above the tags is all that I had left from the jug.  I used ever flat surface available.
Here they are all cleaned up and in their pots. 
So, there you are, a way to save the planet and save money at the same time!  I hope you enjoy this week's post!  Well, I am off to make another 300, so until next time-

Happy Planting!



  1. Great Idea Rhonda,
    I get my mini blinds from thrift shops and I just save my Popsicle sticks, ) I am hooked on fudge cycles! But, I find the sharpie markers wash off the names on the labels so I have started using acrylic paint with a paintbrush to mark the names.
    Yours look fabulous though! And, I am an sure will stay long enough to sell your cuttings. I should be doing this I am so many overflows!

    Do you sell at farmers markets?
    Smiles, Cyndi

  2. Hi Cyndi! Yep, I sell at local flea and farmer's markets. I do wish sharpies were actually permanent-I should try the acrylic paint-thanks for the idea!